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The Schulze Diabetes Institute is driven to discover treatments that reverse type I diabetes. We seek to make these treatments readily available so that all patients have the opportunity to live free of the disease.

More than 16 million Americans have diabetes. Of this figure, about 1 million have type 1 diabetes. The remainder are type 2 diabetics.

Of the $100 billion that is spent annually to manage and treat the disease, more than half of this cost is incurred by people with type 1 diabetes.

This illustrates the substantial health threat of type 1 diabetes – and the importance of the work we are doing to find a cure.

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Auto-islet transplant
for pancreatitis

Today, there is a way to eliminate or minimize the need for lifelong insulin injection after a pancreatectomy.

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Allo-islet transplant
for type 1 diabetes

U of M physician-researchers have successfully reversed type 1 diabetes using human islet transplantation.

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